About Advantage

The Advantage modules were designed to support every facet of Yellow Pages order processing, giving you the flexibility to control your data, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.


Customized dealer solicitation programs, client billing and system reports are three enhanced functions of Advantage. We recognize the advertiser-specific nature of these elements, and our approach is to tailor the system so that it best accommodates your individual needs.


• Automatic in-office report generation (billing, etc.)

• Software support services

• Custom report design features

• Flexible data sorting to build custom databases

• System maintenance and meticulous back-up controls

• Regular Rates and Data updates with special pricing

• Merge/purge of dealer data

• Integration of demographic data

• Up to three days of initial on-location training

• Online help screens

• Online access day or night


• ELITE Order and Graphics Processing

• Billing/Accounting

• Report Builder

• Dealer Solicitations

• Demographics Integration

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